Budai standing on his cloth sack, representing abundance and contentment

The exchange of money for counselling is important as it creates an sense of value and investment in the process. Even with the best intentions this can drift when counselling is offered for free.

It is true that counselling is too expensive for many people who need it. I keep as many low cost spaces available as I can manage, balanced against my time, energy and income.

I currently offer counselling services, and hopefully I will be adding social meditation groups in 2021.

All counselling sessions are available in person or as a video call, or a phone call.

Intro Session

30 minutes – No cost

This session is a good opportunity to discuss your needs and to check that they match my skills. It is a chance for you to ask any questions about how counselling works and for me to cover some of the important details.

Most importantly it is a chance to see if it feels right.

Counselling Session

50 minutes – £45

This is our chance to build a therapeutic relationship and work towards your goals. We would usually meet once a week, but we can have fewer, or more sessions depending on your needs and schedule.

Low Cost/Transparent Generosity

I have based this model on the one used at Buddhist Geeks, where I practice online. This is a bit of an experiment so I am keen to see if it works. The rules are:

You must pay something, how much is up to you.

The suggested contribution is £20 per session.

What you decide will depend on your situation.

This might change each week.

I will provide the same level of service and care to all my clients.

Drop me a line to find out how I can help you.

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