Why am I blogging?

This is my first ever blog post for my counselling practice. I am hoping that over the coming years I will publish a new post each month about counselling, mindfulness, and spiritual practice, or whatever feels appropriate or interesting. The reason I first thought of blogging was to increase the visibility of my practice, but I would also like this to serve as some way for potential clients to get a sense of me and therapy in general. Writing about these topics is also a way for me to develop my understanding, especially if you decide to start a conversation with me in the comments, which would be wonderful, especially if you can teach me something new.

As a professional counsellor I am bound to continue learning about my profession, and so I am trundling through a selection of books, audiobooks and YouTube channels on psychology, psychotherapy, dharma, and even the occasional story, and training courses. My current aims are to develop my skills as a gay affirmative therapist. I am reading an amazing book on the subject, called Pink Therapy, and it aims to make up for the shortfalls in traditional counselling courses. A new word in my vocabulary is heterosexism, meaning the attitude found in a world where being heterosexual is the norm and to be anything other is often treated with various degrees of harshness and/or misunderstanding. It’s not an easy read, and I am experiencing my closest sense yet of the misery and discomfort that can be chronically suffered by anyone who does not identify as straight and cis-gendered. When the time is right, and a lot less Covidy, I will seek out accreditation from the Pink Therapy organisation. I also plan to unpack this book a little more once I have finished it. Don’t wait up, as I am a very slow reader.

It is at this point I would also like to give a shout out to a marvellous podcast that asks the question “what the heck is gender?” Gender Reveal. It is now into it’s 6th season and is brilliant. I think this may have been my first great realisation of the non-dual nature of gender.

So it would be nice to hear from you if you like my blog, and interesting to hear from you if you don’t. While I work through Pink Therapy and catch up on Gender Reveal I will write my next blog on words like never, always, and only. If you want to know when that lands then you can leave your email address and you’ll get notified when anything new comes out of the Blue Buddha Blog. All the best. Will.

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